Natural food

To adhere the original taste, we use traditional cooking method
and innovation package technique to make the best taste last.

Sun-dried Noodles

The golden wheat flour noodles give off the aroma of wheat while cooking, which make the noodles more flavorful.


Collaborate with qualified ranch and strictly to check all food processing are under low temperature.


The exclusive water processing can clean shallots thoroughly, while keeping its taste.

Soy sauce (Non-GMO)

Using best raw ingredients. This brewed soy sauce is made with non-GMO soybeans and brewed for days. Making this soy sauce have wholesome flavor.

Soybean Paste

Golden ratio with natural fermentation present in a sweet and salty way.

Canola oil

On FDA certified item, canola oil can substitute for saturated fat and lower the potential risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD)

Jinsauces Noodle Series

Different type of noodles mix with different sauces create multiple flavors.